Nominate Young Stars for Fortnightly Under Forty

March 14. A very big day.

It’s pi day, 3/14. It’s the birthday of Albert Einstein, who among other things made discoveries leading to the development of nuclear and solar power. It’s the anniversary of Reddy Kilowatt’s first published appearance as the industry’s adorable mascot.

And, this year, March 14, three weeks from today, is when your nominations are due for Fortnightly Under Forty.

It won’t be long till our generation hands over the keys to the grid to the next generation. How shall they handle that grave responsibility? When shall they be ready to assume the reins? Who shall be their leaders?

We can glimpse the answers when we see the young stars at our utilities, commissions, firms and industry associations of today. In their twenties and thirties, these impressive men and women are quickly striding to leadership.

Is it not our grave responsibility to highlight and celebrate these up and comers, to further stir them to strive to serve as we have?

So, nominate one or two or three or …. Through Fortnightly Under Forty, let’s put the spotlight – LED of course – on them for our whole industry to admire and be inspired.

Nomination forms can be had by e-mailing Alexandra Revel of the PUF team. That’s

We just need the young star’s name, position, organization and a hundred to five hundred words on what makes the nominee a young star. Why is he or she likely to take on a leadership role in tomorrow’s grid?

And, if I haven’t mentioned it, get those nominations in to us by March 14.