Rural Power at Library of Congress

Just back from the 2018 NRECA Annual Meeting in Nashville. As I was preparing for this massive conference, and a ton of interviews with rural cooperative leaders, I spent a day at the Library of Congress researching the early years of rural electrification.

Here are four pictures I took of rural power as it was developing in the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s. They say a lot about the first waves of electrification and electrification’s effect on people.

Recharge the Economy with Renewable Energy Tax Credits

I. Too Many Farms Behind the Times Pic 3168


II. Here Lies a Coal-Oil Lamp

III. From 10.9 Percent of Farms on Central Service

IV. Rural Power’s Farmhand and Mascot, Willie Wiredhand

Recharge the Economy with Renewable Energy Tax Credits


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