Special Report: State and Future of the Power Industry

What is the state and future of the electric utility industry? That’s a broad topic, much discussed and debated. This special report takes a unique approach to getting a handle on our present and where we’re heading. Read the special report here.

Industry Leaders’ Perspectives

What are the most disruptive trends facing utilities today? How will those trends change the status quo in the next five years? We talked with many leading thinkers from utilities (investor-owned and not), the regulatory and consumer advocacy communities, law, and associations.

Survey on Electricity’s Future

PUF conducted a fifteen-question online survey. Your responses are shown with graphical breakdowns and takeaways.

Discussion About Electricity’s Future

Steve Mitnick talks with Karin Corfee, Rob Wilhite, Ted Walker, Todd Williams, Mike Rutkowski, David O’Brien, Trina Horner, Kathleen Gaffney, Jay Paidipati, Mackinnon Lawrence, and Jan Vrins of Navigant.

Read the special report here.