They Said It in December's PUF

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Illinois Commerce Commission Chair Sheahan and co-authors: “Public utility commissions have an opportunity to drive awareness throughout the industry and challenge utilities to demand their suppliers step up and keep up in reducing risk from the supply chain.” Page 55, December’s PUF

Ameren CFO Marty Lyons: “We must paint a compelling vision of the future by communicating the essential role utilities can play regarding distributed renewables, electrification, battery storage, and other technologies.” Page 17, December’s PUF

Entergy CFO Drew Marsh: “We have to deliver on the promises we’ve already made, while we begin to incorporate these new things… It’s going to take a lot of work, a lot of discipline, a lot of rolling up your sleeves, a lot of figuring out how we can create space.” Page 19, December’s PUF.

Dominion Energy innovation officer Dave Christian: “I didn’t want a team at all. My worldview is that innovation is everybody’s job. I thought if I created a big team, people would think innovation was not for them.” Page 23, December’s PUF.

Take the PUF Survey on Utility Operations

Exelon innovation officer Chris Gould: “You have to embrace the notion that your customers are up for grabs. As opposed to the notion of thinking that they’re solely and forever your customers. They’re not just our customers. They’re everybody’s customers. They’re Google’s customers. They’re car customers. They’re everybody’s.” Page 26, December’s PUF

Yours truly, on the Energy Department NOPR: “Personally, I’m attracted to the commentary that argues that resilience is crucial to our society. And then argues we should address each major threat proportionately.” Page 6, December’s PUF.

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