They Said It in January’s PUF

Drew Marsh, Entergy CFO: “In residential, if the power is out, you don’t get to do what you want to do. If you’re an industrial customer, an outage could be something more impactful. It’ll disrupt processes. It can ruin inventory. It can cause damage to equipment … We want to find ways that we can drive our reliability to another level so that it is an extremely rare event.” Page 9, January’s PUF

Marty Lyons, Ameren CFO: “We need to be working closely with our customers to understand their dependency on our product … Greater investment in the grid is producing value for our customers in terms of reduced outage frequency and duration, when outages do occur.” Page 10, January’s PUF  

Lawrence Jones, EEI VP – International Programs: “The issue of ownership of energy storage is front and center in many jurisdictions. As energy storage can, in general, deliver benefits along the entire electricity value chain, to scale its use, and subsequently lower the cost of storage, I don’t believe that there should be prohibitions around the ownership of such a flexible technology.” Page 23, January’s PUF  

Tanuj Deora, SEPA EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, and Erika Myers: “Pilot programs have shown that as long as the EV has a full charge when needed, the exact time the vehicle is charged is unimportant … By working out the most efficient way to manage consumption, EV programs that implement managed charging programs can reduce the strains that EVs will add to the grid in certain areas.” Page 27, January’s PUF  

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Steve Mitnick, Editor-in-Chief, Public Utilities Fortnightly

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