While at the Conference, Say Yo.

Hotel booked? Done. Flights reserved? Check.

So many important industry events the next three months. It’s dizzying.

If it’s early June, it must be San Diego. Hoping to see you there, at EEI’s Annual Convention. While at the conference, make sure to say yo. To Joe Paparello, Alexandra Revel, or yours truly. We’ll all have on a fun Fortnightly button. Let’s catch up.

If it’s mid-June, it must be New Orleans. Hoping to see you there, at APPA’s National Conference. While at the conference, again, make sure to say yo. Especially if we didn’t see you in San Diego.

Investor-owned utilities in San Diego one week. Public power utilities in New Orleans a couple of weeks later. We’re all buddies!

If it’s late June, it must be the District of Columbia. Hoping to see you there, at the World Gas Conference. While at the conference, again, make sure to say yo. It’ll be a huge crowd, the biggest gas event ever. But look for us.

If it’s mid-July, just past Nikola Tesla’s birthday, it must be Phoenix. Hoping to see you there, at NARUC’s Summer Policy Summit. What better place to be, in the summertime, than in Phoenix talking regulation?

And if it’s mid-August, it must be Long Beach. Hoping to see you there, at EPRI’s ginormous Electrification Convention. Everybody who’s anybody in utility regulation and policy will be there.

So if we didn’t bump into each other in San Diego, New Orleans, the District, or Phoenix, then say yo in Long Beach. Your Fortnightly friends will be there too.

Who knows? We might freestyle rap there about, well, electrifying transportation.


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Steve Mitnick, Editor-in-Chief, Public Utilities Fortnightly, and President, Lines Up, Inc.

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