Wind Passes Hydro

The nation’s electric grid has always produced more of its power from hydroelectric facilities than from wind farms. In every year. Until now.

For the first time, wind is ahead of hydro, year-to-date, through the third quarter of the year.

That’s based on the latest data from the Energy Department’s Energy Info Admin. Affectionately known as EIA.

Wind generated 219 thousand gigawatt-hours through the third quarter. Hydro generated 215 thousand gigs. By year-end, the gap will undoubtedly widen since wind has been having stronger fourth quarters than hydro in recent years.

And, through the third quarter, wind accounted for forty percent of the grid’s renewable generation. While hydro accounted for thirty-nine percent.

The grid’s solar photovoltaic accounted for ten percent, about half the remainder. Also, this was almost exactly double the electric output of the all of the nation’s customer-side solar PV.