You Under 40?

In 1980, forty years ago, Rubik's Cube debuted in England as was Pac-Man in Japan. CNN was launched, Mount St. Helens erupted, Rosie Ruiz won the Boston Marathon and then her ruse was revealed, and alas, John Lennon was murdered on the west side of Central Park.

If you recall these events as a child or as an adult, you ineligible. Because only if you're forty years of age of less can you be nominated for our 2020 Fortnightly Under Forty.

Are you on the fast track at your utility, utility association, state utility commission, state consumer advocate, vendor, professional services firm, etcetera? Are you one of the up-and-coming? Hopefully your co-workers have noticed. Because it's that time of the year again, time to nominate the young guns for the Fortnightly Under Forty to be featured in the June 2020 issue of Public Utilities Fortnightly.

Nominations are due as usual by Albert Einstein's Birthday, March 14, pi-day. Write no more than five hundred words on why your Einstein is destined for success in the utilities industry, including in utility regulation, and send those words to Alexandra Revel,

Up to ten nominations from any utility, association, commission and so on. We hope you're one of the ten from your organization.