Mid-West Utility Leaders Discuss Response to Coronavirus and Outlook for Business

The PUF team is conducting video roundtables of leaders in utility regulation and policy. In this fourth edition of Video Roundtables Fortnightly, utility leaders discuss their response to the Coronavirus crisis, utility service resilience, return to office planning, and the long-term outlook for their companies. Panelists include; Ray Kowalik, Chairman and CEO at Burns & McDonnell, Ken Wilmot, Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Associated Electric Cooperative, Kayla Messamore, Director of Long-Term Planning at Evergy, Tim Wilson, Vice President of Electric Operations at Liberty Utilities, and Meghan Calabro, Director of Distribution Modernization at Burns & McDonnell.



Our first roundtable, about the questions that state legislators should ask utility regulators and utilities about the coronavirus crisis, includes Kristy Hartman and Glen Andersen, program directors of the National Conference of State Legislators, and recently retired Kansas State Representative Tom Sloan, who served in the legislature for twenty-four years. Our second roundtable, “Public Power Leaders Respond to the Virus Crisis,” includes Gary Gibson of Springfield Missouri's utilities, Kristin Masteller of Mason County Public Utility District 1, Tim McCollough of Fort Collins Colorado's utilities, and Joy Ditto, CEO of the American Public Power Association. Our third roundtable, “Canadian Provincial Commission Chairs Consider the Coronavirus Crisis Challenge,” includes the Chairs of the Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia utility regulatory commissions talk about the coronavirus crisis and its impact on the economic health of utility customers and utilities, on utility service resilience, on the utility workforce, and on the operations of their commissions and the regulatory process.