Beneficial Electrification Case Study

A Custom Electrotechnology Program

In today’s energy market, many utilities are experiencing flat or declining electricity sales resulting from efficiency programs, adoption of distributed energy resources, and other economic factors. These utilities face the dual challenge of increasing revenue while also implementing programs that benefit the industry and the community with cleaner technologies that can reduce air pollution and provide a positive overall environmental impact.

In this case study, we examine how ICF facilitated the creation of an electric utility company’s non-road electrotechnology (NRE) program. Thanks to ICF’s Quick Start approach, within the first 18 months the program successfully:

  • Engaged more than 450 customers, resulting in 156 completed projects, and generating $2,645,742 in annual revenue.
  • Reduced local site emissions by 350,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 1,350 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 1,329 tons of hydrocarbons over the life of the equipment.
  • Reduced operating costs, and provided healthier and more efficient work environments.

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