WV PSC Seeking Utilities Analysts

The West Virginia Public Service Commission has Openings for Utilities Analysts
A Utilities Analyst working in the Utilities Division of the West Virginia Public Service Commission provides support to the Commission as it exercises regulatory authority over the utilities that provide service in the state of West Virginia.  Utilities Analysts investigate utility proposals for rate increases, certificates of public convenience and necessity, integrated resource plans, demand side management and energy efficiency programs, and renewable portfolio standard plans in the Commission’s regulation of West Virginia's electric, natural gas, water, sewer utilities, motor carriers, solid waste, and the telecommunications industry.  An Analyst will conduct audits, propose an overall revenue requirement, conduct jurisdictional and class cost of service studies, design rates for each rate class to recover the revenue requirement, perform statistical analysis of utility proposals, and document findings of investigations in memoranda, pre-filed written direct and rebuttal testimony and other reports.  The Analyst may have the opportunity to defend their findings at evidentiary Commission hearings as an expert witness. This position works closely with engineering and legal staff, requiring the ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. A four year degree majoring in accounting, finance, economics, or mathematics is required as a minimum.
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