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EVs & Storage

Storage: Turning Disruptive Technology into Opportunity

Commercial Customer Case Study

Arun Mani

Recent declines in energy storage costs have allowed businesses and homeowners to economically store electricity for a few hours. It is long enough to disrupt peak demand charges that many utilities rely on for their cash flows.

Hydrogen Power

A New Initiative, a New Fuel Cell Car

Richard Stavros

General Motors unveiled its Autonomy fuel cell car, which it says is the first vehicle designed exclusively for the fuel cell.

Utilities' Role in Transport Electrification: Promoting Competition, Balancing Risks

First of two-part series. See part two, Capturing Benefits for All Ratepayers, in the April 2016 issue.

Nancy Ryan & Lucy McKenzie

Utility investments to support EV adoption may be structured and scaled to benefit all customers.

Four Utilities, Four Strategies

Installing utility-scale, grid-connected battery storage.

William Atkinson

Stories on installing grid-connected battery storage from AEP, Green Mountain Power, Imperial Irrigation District, and Kauai Island (Hawaii) Utility Co-op.

Drinking the Electric Kool-Aid

Battery Storage: The hoopla far exceeds the reality.

Steve Huntoon

Mahler’s music was better than it sounded, and so is battery energy storage.

How to Jump Start Electric Cars: Charging Companies

Car-charging could and should be an industry separate from traditional utility activities.

Llewellyn King

When the Wright brothers took to the air, they did not worry that one day new industries would be needed to fulfill the promise of their inventions.

From Grid to Cloud

A network of networks – in search of an orchestrator.

Jan Vrins, Hector Artze, Richard Shandross, and Mackinnon Lawrence

The Energy Cloud will change the way we generate, store, and consume energy by changing from a one-way power flow to a dynamic network of networks supporting two-way energy and information flows.

Playing Offense with EVs

How much of a $100 billion market in electric vehicles can utilities capture – or afford not to?

Michael Shepard

Electric transportation can be the utility sector’s growth engine — $100 billion or more per year — if the industry embraces the opportunities ahead.

REV'ed and Ready

New York aims to Reform its Energy Vision. For technology companies, it’s a dream come true.

Andrew O. Kaplan

New York State is now rethinking its regulatory in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, and it expects to become an example to other states as it explores microgrids and energy storage.

Energy Storage: Out of the Lab and Onto the Grid

As deployments take hold, real-world challenges abound.

Richard Fioravanti

Energy storage has advanced rapidly, leaving the lab and entering a phase of deployment on the grid. Storage's advancements are a result of its promise as well as the tireless support of industry stakeholders who modeled, tested, evaluated and demonstrated the technology.