Joining the Fortis Family

Leadership Lyceum Podcast: A Conversation with Paul Bonavia

Paul Bonavia is Retired Chairman and CEO of UNS Energy (Tucson Electric Power). The company was sold to Fortis in August 2014.

Looming Risks of Regulated Assets

History May Not Predict Future

Maximizing exposure to regulated assets may not be an optimal long-term investment strategy, despite its present popularity. The factors considered here include lower allowed returns on equity, the law of diminishing returns, declining demand for the product, price increases, and a possible death spiral.

The Power of Innovation, Part II

Utility Execs' Roundtable: We sat down with five utility execs who lead their companies on innovation

Migrating to a model that focuses on product and service volume to produce margins is a fundamental shift. But the challenge these executives acknowledge is learning how to blend several unique business models as the scope of their business expands.

Innovation and Capital Recovery

A History of Public Utility Regulation

The electric power industry is the key industry in our society. Nothing can function without adequate, reliable, fairly-priced produced and delivered electric service. Getting the capital recovery or depreciation right is not optional.

Local Financing Benefits U.S. Utilities

Banks, Utilities Find Natural Fit

Local banks are still an under-utilized resource for electric utilities, despite the role these banks played historically. Regional and local banks are often healthier than big banks, according to the Federal Reserve.

Radical Candor

Making ‘Clean Coal’ More than an Oxymoron.

Are clean coal efforts likely to fail? Yes. Does that mean investing is foolish? No. Here are eight ways I think the industry should change its clean coal messaging if it wants to win over the people who matter most.