Generation & Markets

New Year 2017: The Trump Administration

Change Will Occur, Slowly

It is not possible to know what priorities the new administration will pursue. It is possible for legislators, regulators, and utilities to make some assumptions: coal will continue to decline as a generation fuel, previous utility investment and court decisions will carry forward. Legislators will continue to promote generation fuel diversity to best ensure system reliability.

Success Strategies in New Japanese Electric Power Market

Part 3 in a Series on Electric Power in Japan

The pace of learning must accelerate so that players in the new Japanese electric power market are prepared to succeed. For retail entrants, the key will be to diversify, in both the retail and wholesale portions of their business.

Improving Performance in Publicly Owned Utilities

Consistently setting, measuring, and updating quantitative performance metrics should be a central feature of any program.

Modern performance-management practices can – and should – be applied to public and private utilities alike.

Community Solar

Answers to questions you were afraid to ask

Community solar is expected to jump fivefold. What exactly is it and how exactly does it work?

Solar at High Noon

Surplus generation at mid-day calls for long-duration energy storage.

Utility execs and PUCs should plan now to handle extensive solar penetration, including the significant overgeneration that can occur at mid-day.

When Water Meets Energy

Each essential. Each dependent on the other.

Water depends on energy and energy depends on water, creating opportunities for synergies and efficiencies.