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This podcast series focuses on corporate and industry strategy and trends from the direct vantage point of key industry leaders. Subscribe to the podcast at Apple iTunes. Interviews with Tom Fanning and Bob Flexon are available, as well as one with Joe Rigby, Bob Skaggs and Les Silverman.

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Apr 09, 2017 to Apr 12, 2017
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May 02, 2017 to May 05, 2017
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May 21, 2017 to May 23, 2017
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Generation & Markets

Essential in the 20th Century, and in the 21st
World economic growth over the past two centuries was powered largely by fossil fuels. More than 75 million people are being added to cities globally each year, driving greate...
Past, Present, and Future, Part I
Robert Gordon’s seminal book, The Rise and Fall of American Growth, has a pessimistic message with profound economic, social, and political implications. But nowhere i...
Looking back on my 45 years in the energy sector.
By diving into today’s more diverse energy sector and embracing change, utilities stand to benefit over the long term. This is precisely why I am so excited about the future...
Distributed Generation & Microgrids
Excerpt from the December 9, 2016 issue of PUR's Utility Regulatory News
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities determined that microgrids, whether based on CHP, fuel cell, solar, or some other technology, offer the promise of increased system re...
Utilities and Partners Can Benefit
Seven essential conditions justify smart grid investment: If customers engage, if DER defers capital assets, if DER is grid integrated, if DER lowers overall costs, if desired...
Utility Execs' Roundtable: We sat down with seven utility execs who lead their companies on innovation
Strategy& and Public Utilities Fortnightly recently collaborated on an innovation roundtable in Washington, D.C. at the offices of the Edison Electric Institute. The ex...
ETRM & Markets
Part 3 in a Series on Electric Power in Japan
The pace of learning must accelerate so that players in the new Japanese electric power market are prepared to succeed. For retail entrants, the key will be to diversify, in b...
Someone Else’s Problem Field
Thirty to forty percent renewable targets are inadequate to halt our steady descent into climate change and ocean acidification. It will require renewable levels of 80 to 90 p...
Why trying to fix mandatory capacity markets is like trying to win a game of Whack-A-Mole (Parts I & II)
FERC has little to show for more than a decade of tinkering with mandatory capacity markets. ...
EVs & Storage
Commercial Customer Case Study
Recent declines in energy storage costs have allowed businesses and homeowners to economically store electricity for a few hours. It is long enough to disrupt peak demand char...
First of two-part series. See part two, Capturing Benefits for All Ratepayers, in the April 2016 issue.
Utility investments to support EV adoption may be structured and scaled to benefit all customers....
Installing utility-scale, grid-connected battery storage.
Stories on installing grid-connected battery storage from AEP, Green Mountain Power, Imperial Irrigation District, and Kauai Island (Hawaii) Utility Co-op....
Natural Gas
Leadership Lyceum Podcast Summary
Conversation on M&A: Former CEOs of PHI and NiSource/CPG, Joe Rigby and Bob Skaggs, and Director Les Silverman....
Las Vegas, model of energy efficiency
Having worked in Nevada for many years, I can assure you that Las Vegas is nothing if not mythical. Let’s break down some of those myths as they pertain to energy usage....
Mirage on the Ocean?
Want to ramp up U.S. LNG exports to Europe? Dr. Olive, an expert from NERA, takes us through the limitations and barriers of the European market....
Low Carbon, not Always Low Cost
Consider the current U.S. low power price environment as the country shifts away from coal and toward cleaner energy sources to reduce carbon emissions. What are the prospects...
Managing Aging Nuclear Storage Canisters
The Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI, will publish nuclear aging management and inspection guidance in early 2017. These will address the potential for chloride-induced...
Military Rivalry Fueled Nuclear Program
If we had to choose a new nuclear generating technology today, we would emphasize one that had no potential for catastrophic failure and minimized problems of long term waste ...
Updates and Forecast for 2017
Since 1983, renewable portfolio standards have been enacted in 29 states, with 8 others setting different benchmarks. In addition to increasing renewable energy generation in ...
Village of Minster, Ohio
The real significance and impact of the Minster project lies in the story behind it. It’s the town’s remarkable ability to complete a privately financed solar-plus-storage...
Conversation with a Prime Mover: Tom Fanning, Chairman and CEO of Southern Company
A summary of Tom Linquist's conversation with Tom Fanning, Southern Company CEO, on strategy and investment. Full podcast available....