Buying Solar Energy by The Minute

Aligning Benefits with Costs

There is a better way to implement the Buy All-Sell All model. Instead of setting VoS rates based on speculative forecasts, why not just pay prices that reflect the actual, contemporaneous value of the solar energy? Why not, effectively, buy the solar energy by the minute?

Pricing Innovation

Changing the Game

Business models will be tailored to meet market purpose and require pricing approaches that match the nature of the offering to how customers perceive value.

Rate Design Reform

Listen to Bonbright, Kahn, and Behavioral Economists

The time for rate design reform is right. Utilities, regulators and others recognize that pricing is a vastly untapped source of demand-side resources with the ability to alter both consumption and peak demand.

A Modern Rate Architecture for California's Future

Enabling the IOUs to be Effective Change Agents

Pacific Gas and Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison have developed a new framework for customer rates that reflects the changing dynamics of the electric power industry and customer choice.

Forging a Path to the Modern Grid

Energy Efficiency Solutions

It's not news that power systems across the United States are experiencing an upheaval. With the greater deployment of energy efficiency, renewable energy and distributed resources, as well as different usage patterns and customer demands, today's grid is struggling to perform to our expectations.

Transitioning to a more modern electrical grid will require changes to the pricing structures used by electric utilities, moving beyond the traditional two-part rate with its roots in the nineteenth century.

Price Responsive Demand

Economic Experiments

It is little wonder why so many commissions prefer a regulatory model that shields most consumers (especially residential) from real time market volatility.