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The British Electricity Model: 25 Years of Experience

Should We Follow U.K.’s Lead?

Leonard Hyman and William Tilles

British price cap regulation quickly became the international gold standard for regulation. It looked so simple. But if the purpose was to provide a dramatically different and less expensive electricity experience, it failed.

Aggregation 2.0: Evolution of Customer Engagement with Retail Choice?

An innovative approach to targeted retail aggregation.

Michael Strong and Mark Pruitt

No state has had the same initial success with municipal aggregation as Illinois, where more than 650 local governments enrolled 70 percent of residential consumers into municipal aggregation contracts. The pathway forward in Illinois provides a model to help get programs off the ground in all retail choice states.

Demand Response: Getting the Prices Right

The rule works in the direction of more regulation to hamper innovation and counteracts incentives the rule creates.

William Hogan

FERC made a mistake in Order 745 and should change the pricing rule.

Action by Choice

Time-varying rates is an effective way to satisfy customer demands.

Chris King & Bonnie Datta

In the 21st century economy pivoted on customer choice, opt-in is the path to tread in the provision of time varying rates to electricity customers.

Getting Past Net Metering

A forward-looking solution to rate reform, for when solar costs hit bottom.

John Sterling

Why keep rate design shackled to the ways of the past, especially at the dawn of a solar revolution?

There and Back Again

Why a residential demand rate developed 40 years ago is increasingly relevant today.

Leland Snook and Meghan Grabel

Why not design a rate that allocates the higher system cost to customers based on their actual energy demand?

Bidding to Win: The Economics of Renewable RFPs

How project developers form their bidding strategies – and what it means for prices and the industry.

Greer Mackebee, Justin Bowersock, and James Stack

Want to find out what utilities seek when collecting bids for wind and solar projects? Read on.

Results-Based Regulation

A more dynamic approach to grid modernization.

David Malkin and Paul A. Centolella

The utility’s role is changing, and regulation must change along with it – to spur innovation and respond to evolving customer needs. Modernizing the industry will require a dynamic approach.

Energy Efficiency Unmasked

Regulatory formulas for rewarding efficiency investments.

Richard G. Stevie and Raiford L. Smith

Effective conservation incentives would send appropriate price signals to consumers. The more common approach, unfortunately, involves arbitrary standards that introduce market inefficiencies and ultimately harm consumers.

The Innovator's Dilemma

Assessing the risks and rewards of distributed energy strategies.

Hugo van Nispen

To embrace change or fight it? The choice to either act or wait and see is fraught with complexity.