Security, Reliability & CIP

Future of EE is Now

Data Creates New Opportunities

In prior articles, we focused on the important impact that the energy efficiency industry has had on the current North American energy economy. In this essay, we share our thoughts on the ways this segment will be challenged to drive innovation as it continues to mature. We also discuss the evolving role demand side management will play in the energy industry and the utility of the future.

Accommodating High Levels of DER

Understanding What Reliability Entails

How Distributed Energy Resources affect the reliability of the bulk power system is an area that needs more study and analysis for the industry and policy makers.

Making the Grid Safe for Democracy

Public-Private Partnerships Essential for Protection

Our critical energy infrastructure is at the front lines of international warfare, under constant cyber attack by foreign enemies. With continued strong cooperation between government and industry, we can secure our infrastructure against the newest threats.

Where the Private Sector Protects the Nation

Cross-Sector Information Sharing is Key

For the past nine years, I have been focused on how electric utilities, other critical infrastructure asset owners, and the supply community protect against the ever-evolving, rapidly changing cybersecurity threat. Cyber is the only domain in which we ask the private sector to be responsible for national security.

Risk and Utility Sector Cyber Attacks

Extreme Weather Events Give Insight to Regulators' Response

Over the past several years, Moody's Investors Service has published original research on cyber risk as a factor of growing importance to credit analysis. Lesley Ritter leads Moody's cyber risk research from the perspective of the utilities sector, and addresses some key questions.

Cybersecurity, Part 2

Opportunities and Challenges for State Utility Regulators

Part I examined the evolving role of state regulators in addressing cybersecurity in the energy sector. Part II surveys best practices in various locations and recommends methods for developing regulatory procedures that will ensure the security of critical energy assets.

Perpetuating the California Dream

Leadership Lyceum Podcast: A conversation with Edison International CEO Pedro Pizarro

Edison International is the publicly traded holding company for Southern California Edison, the regulated utility, and a small array of non-regulated investments, plus Edison Energy. At $11.5 billion in annual revenue, and serving 15 million customers, the company is one of the largest utilities in the country.

Energy People: Arshad Mansoor

We talked with Arshad Mansoor, Senior Vice President, Research and Development for the Electric Power Research Institute

Arshad Mansoor is responsible for EPRI's portfolio of R&D and demonstration programs. He is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and is a member of the board of The Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) at UNC Charlotte.