Strategy & Planning

Innovation's Emerging Challenge

Sharpening the Focus

The utility industry’s focus on innovation is only a few years old and already its champions are finding that addressing increasing business demands is all-consuming.

Electricity in Puerto Rico Key to Economic Crisis

Manufacturing Sector Strong But Challenged

Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority is currently unable to fulfill its payment obligations. The newly created Puerto Rico Energy Commission developed three key regulatory proceedings. These proceedings have been subjected to public scrutiny and have created a sense of hope for the restructuring of Puerto Rico’s electric system.

Reporting That Seeks to Empower

The Energy Action Project investigates why energy poverty exists, and who is doing what to address it.

Jointly developed by journalists and energy experts, The Energy Action Project (EnAct) aims to address two social issues: high levels of energy poverty and low levels of energy literacy, even in energy-rich areas.

Energy Efficiency: Where We Are Now

Building the Infrastructure

With its roots in the 1970s conservation movement, energy efficiency has grown into a thriving industry today - one that employs many and provides benefits to utilities, consumers, the economy and society in general. According to a recently released report, energy efficiency accounts for about three out of every four American clean energy jobs.

Blockchain is Coming!

A Future of Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain is a distributed system of electronic ledgers that provide automatic, instant cross-verification of transactions. With it, bitcoin offered an unsurpassed degree of reliability. Perhaps you think utilities can just wait and adopt bitcoin or cyber-whatever later. But anticipation and precautionary actions are the best course in the face of uncertainty.

Toshiba Exit Transforms Nuclear Market

Maybe a U.S. Nuclear Revival

Toshiba recently announced that financial write-offs related to its troubled nuclear division, Westinghouse Electric, would total about $6.2 billion dollars. Since the write-off announcements, Toshiba's stock price has been cut in half. Toshiba's financial collapse changes the face of the nuclear industry.

Building Innovation Momentum

Breaking Down Barriers

Executives outwardly struggle with the notion that they now need to focus on becoming more visibly innovative. After all, hasn't this been their mission for decades? But it is also why the needed focus of tomorrow's innovation is so different and why a real challenge exists to remove barriers to success.

What Keeps You Awake at Night?

Energy and Telecom Oases and Deserts

I want to encourage the research and deployment of technologies that enhance human capabilities and quality of life. But our primary concern is to protect the most vulnerable customers from being excluded.