Talent & Succession Planning

Are You Missing This Key Chief Officer?

Meeting New Challenges

The growing consensus among power and utility executives is that digital technologies and "digitization" are becoming a strategic and risk mitigation imperative. Faced with rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes, many leaders are rethinking how they can tackle new issues in new ways.

NARUC Innovation Awards

ICC Chair Sheahan on Innovation Taskforce

Illinois Commerce Commission Chairman Brien Sheahan on the value of recognizing and embracing innovation.

David Owens Makes His Mark

First Recipient of PUF’s Owen Young Award

Owens set the stage for an industry moving into the modern era of electricity competition, smart grids and fuel diversity. Kudos by Tom Kuhn, Jim Laurito, Hilda Pinnix-Ragland, Kevin Fitzgerald, Ralph Cavanagh, Paula Glover.

Industry Sage David Owens Retires

Honoring Him with Our First PUF’s Owen Young Award

Owens has been the industry’s debater-in-chief. This month, uncharacteristically, he’s decided to put down the mic for good.

In Search of Strategic Leaders

Stand as a Champion

Do you stand strictly in defense of the way things are as good enough? Or are you a strategic leader, one who actively explores how to make things better? Best lean to the latter, since the former is a predictable path to irrelevance.

People (December 2015)

PJM appointed Andrew L. Ott president and CEO; Mississippi Power named Anthony L. Wilson president; PG&E appointed Jason P. Wells as senior v.p. and CFO; Chesapeake Energy appointed R. Brad Martin as non-executive chairman of the company’s board of directors; Rafael Flores was elected to the Ameren board of directors. And others ...