Your 2017 Fortnightly Top Forty Innovators

First Fantastic Forty

The first transformational transmission line design in nearly fifty years? They developed it. The world's first battery/gas turbine hybrid system at existing peakers. They developed it too.

The world's first underground spent fuel storage facility at an operating nuclear plant. They developed it. One of the first distribution utility natural gas compressors. They developed it too.

Vertical climbing inspection robots. They developed them. Transmission line crawling inspection robots. They developed them too.

Joint Load Research and Analytics Conference

Data Analytics Change Utilities

The Association of Edison Illuminating Companies and the Western Load Research Association held their third joint Load Research and Analytics Conference in Nashville, July 23-26, 2017.

The collaborative meeting created by these two premier load research groups presented an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas with other industry professionals and share load research and analytics concepts and techniques.

Energy Giant Still Leading

Natural gas: Important role for our energy future

Innovation is critical to make the utility even more relevant, and also to be able to provide economic, reliable service to the customer.