Surprising Energy Requirements of the Cannabis Industry

Part II: Problems and Potential Solutions

U.S. cannabis industry is experiencing explosive growth. The industry is extremely energy-intensive and is already placing strains on some individual utilities and local grids. Here we discuss the implications for utilities and PUCs and explore potential solutions.

Rebuilding the European Electric Grid

USEA Assistance Followed Breakdown of Soviet Union

In 1991, Eastern European countries and the former Soviet republics responded to a completely different set of incentives and policy drivers for the development of their utilities. USEA, together with other implementing partners of the agency, was tasked to help change the mentality of folks that worked in these utilities.

Utility's Role in Electricity's Future, Part II

Utility Execs Roundtable: We continued the conversation with execs from seven utilities in the Northeast who help lead their companies on future strategies

In part II of our roundtable, we discuss how new products and services are expected to create new revenue streams for utilities, augmenting the (slowly) declining traditional revenue.

The Impact of Time-of-Use Rates in Ontario

TOU Shows Tangible Results

With the mass rollout of smart meters, the idea of default TOU rates is gaining traction. This article presents the load shifting and conservation impacts of TOU rates on residential electricity use in Ontario from their inception in 2009 through to the end of 2014.


Problems, Not Just on Transmission Lines

No part of the grid seems to be more obscure or misunderstood than reactive power. "It's like the head on a glass of beer," is one of the amusing descriptions of VARs. But to understand the operation, limitations and problems facing our transmission system as we transition to the greater use of renewables, an understanding of VARs is critical.

Utility's Role in Electricity's Future, Part I

Utility Execs' Roundtable: We sat down with execs from seven utilities in the Northeast who help lead their companies on future strategies

Navigant and Public Utilities Fortnightly convened a roundtable of utility execs to peer into electricity's future, hosted by Con Edison at its historic Manhattan headquarters.

Energy Highways

Politics and Infrastructure Development

Technology adoption is an incomplete strategy. What is needed is a more comprehensive and long-term approach to infrastructure development.

Change Underway in Electric Power Industry

Key Trends Volume Released

In 2016, the Institute for Electric Innovation released Volumes I, II, and III of Key Trends Driving Change in The Electric Power Industry. The final volume examines rate and regulatory reform, data analytics, and grid modernization.

Finishing Transmission Planning Reforms

No Way to Get There Without FERC Acting Now

Ineffective interregional transmission policies, not technical or economic barriers, are the chief factors holding up the construction of new interstate transmission. This will not change without FERC intervention.