Bourne Energy Break the Energy Barrier

Bourne Energy successfully field-tested the latest version of its BackPack Power Plant (BPP) portable hydropower system in a shallow remote river in the Pacific Northwest. A zero-fuel power generator of this size (one cubic meter) producing 600 W will help renewable energy move past the low energy density, low capacity factor and high cost barriers that have slowed the growth of renewable energy. The BPP device brings locally sourced, energy dense and 24/7/365 electricity to applications never before considered for renewable power systems such as improving overall power efficiencies for fossil fuel plants and reducing power costs for biofuel production. On a larger scale, this technology has the potential to speed the pace of a number of important global trends. It can provide clean low cost electricity to many of the most remote regions of the world bringing with it the newest medical, sanitation, communication and education technologies.