Fortnightly Magazine - April 1 1998

El Paso Bets on Concepcion Demand Growth Could be the Winning Chip

The struggle for control of the northern grid in Chile has precedence in the central region, and now, further south, where El Paso International Co. and partners are building the $380 million Gasoducto del Pacifico pipeline.

Some 325 miles of pipe will be laid across the Andes from Argentina. The project, 300 miles south of Santiago, is set to be in service by late 1999.

Gasoducto del Pacifico includes a $44-million transportation and marketing company (em Servicios de Gas Natural (em that will serve industrial customers in the region.


RISK. That's "Choice" of the four-letter variety. And it's a concept we're

beginning to overhear at industry confabs, whispered by utility execs and regulatory affairs reps.

Nowhere is this sort of compelling choice more apparent than in three topics we tackle in the pages of this issue. How much risk, for instance, is inherent in the answers to these questions: Will nuclear plants survive competition? How far should U.S. utilities go in investing in Latin America? How should transmission service be integrated with reliability rules?