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Fortnightly Magazine - October 15 2000

Distributed Generation: Setting a Fair Price in the Distribution Tariff

Mark B. Lively

1 Some utilities may question this concept. San Diego Gas & Electric argued in California's DG investigation that distributed generation does not always lead to a reduction in distribution plant investment, and that any investment savings is not kilowatt for kilowatt. And the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has taken a more extreme position, allowing a utility to charge a fee for distributed generators delivering electricity into the distribution grid.

Risk Management: Where Utilities Still Fear to Tread

Experts debate the value of hedging for an industry built on passing costs down the line
Richard Stavros

A Eulogy for RTOs—Interregional is Better

Thoughts on the eve of FERC's filing deadline for regional transmission organizations.
Marija Ilic

1 Ilic, Zaborszky, "Dynamics and Control of Large Electric Power Systems," John Wiley & Sons, 2000 (800 page text).

2 Ilic, Arce, Yoon, Fumagali, "Assessing Reliability Under Open Access," to be published in The Electricity Journal, December 2000.

3 For more information, please contact the author and/or the MIT Technology Licensing Office, making reference to MIT Case # 9062.


DC power makes a comeback in this vision of neighborhood grids and fuel cells on wheels.
Bruce W. Radford


Engineers Have Their Day


News Digest

Case No. 99-1212- EL-ETP, Sept. 13, 2000 (Ohio P.U.C.)

News Digest


State PUCs

Restructuring Plans. The Ohio PUC denied rehearing of its restructuring order for FirstEnergy issued two months earlier, rejecting arguments by all petitioners-utility, marketers, and consumer watchdog groups.

Off Peak

Experts predict top 10 energy innovations for 2010.

Off Peak

October 15, 2000

Life in the Aughts

Experts predict top 10 energy innovations for 2010.

Before we've even agreed on a name for the coming decade, energy experts are predicting life-altering changes by 2010.