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Fortnightly Magazine - April 1 2001

Off Peak

Boy Scouts in Wisconsin will save you from sticker shock.

Off Peak

April 1, 2001

"Read Your Bill, Ma'am?"


The Gas-fired Future: Boom or Bust?

Last year brought prices not seen for decades. So consumers will buy less gas, just as before, and send the forecasts out the window.
John H. Herbert

1 For examples of the degree to which buildings have conservation features such as multiple glazing and exterior or interior shading and awnings the reader is referred to "A Look at Commercial Buildings in 1995: Characteristics, Energy Consumption and Energy Expenditures," DOE/EIA - 0625 (95), October 1998. For information on conservation practice in the residential sector see "A Look at Residential Energy Consumption in 1997," DOE/EIA - 0632 (97), November 1999.

Decommissioning Funds: Snagged on Tax Law?

How outdated rules could deny tax deductions to nuclear plant owners.
Raymond A. Zimmermann, Ph.D. and Jeri Farrow, BBA

1 1999 TNT 204-24 PECO Energy's Testimony at Finance Hearing on Tax Issues of Electric Power Industry. (Hereinafter, "PECO Energy Testimony.")

2 Treas. Reg. 1.468A (c)(2). For a more detailed explanation, see Nuclear Energy Institute Policy Briefs, "Why Tax Treatment of Decommissioning Trust Funds Must Be Updated to Reflect New Business Conditions," http://www.nei.org/doc.asp?catnum=3&catid=221.

No PAIN, No Gain: With Data Networks It's Not All Value-Added

How Internet EDI beats the private VANs and ensures Privacy, Authentication, Integrity, and Non-repudiation-more or less.
Thomas Bruggner



The Power Exchange will hunt you down.
Bruce W. Radford

(1) the regulatory rate freeze imposed under the state's restructuring scheme,

(2) the state-imposed duty to serve that forced Edison to supply electricity to retail customers regardless of price, and

(3) the Jan. 4 order by the state public utility commission that Edison said barred it from obtaining funds to meet its payment obligations to the PX.

News Digest

FERC Docket No. EL01-38-000, filed Feb. 14, 2001


News Digest



Wall Street analysts favor the utilities whose leaders think like they do.
Bob Shields

News Analysis

But the standards board must surmount differences with electric brethren before repeating its gas industry success.
Carl J. Levesque


News Analysis



But the standards board must surmount differences with electric brethren before repeating its gas industry success.

Perhaps the Gas Industry Standards Board (GISB) wants to tackle electricity because it doesn't have much else to do anymore in the area of gas standards.