Fortnightly Magazine - October 15 2001


Utilities face huge costs of complying with new EPA standards.


The Brink of Ruin?




Volatile wholesale market prices have put a damper on retail competition in Pennsylvania. But rate caps are not the answer.

"Both the environment and consumers will benefit in the end if retail electricity prices are allowed to "rise and fall according to market conditions."

Off Peak

Electricity demands enter security mix at nation's airports.<b> </b>

Off Peak

October 15, 2001

Runway Reliability


Electricity demands enter security mix at nation's airports.

Inside the IT Nerve Center

Managing information technology at the ISO, the trading platform, and two merging utilities.

"What the electricity market needs is a forward market with an ability to vary price and volume on an hour-by-hour basis."

Cooperative IPOs: Distinguishing Fact from Fantasy

The fundamental principles of cooperative operation are inherently in conflict with the traditional concept of an IPO.

1. Subordination of capital. Neither interest nor dividends may be paid on invested capital. Cooperatives provide for a return of capital-not a return on capital. Furthermore, neither the amount of patronage nor the amount of investment of a patron can determine such patron's degree of ownership or control of the organization, i.e., there must be patronage-based ownership.