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Fortnightly Magazine - November 15 2001

Regulators' Forum: Can FERC and States Unite?

Carl J. Levesque

"Work with us. We've got three out of four on the FERC who are former state commissioners."

Regulators to Blame? How Competitive Metering Has Failed

Chris King

How Competitive Metering Has Failed


That Giant Sucking Sound? Rural Distribution Territories and Utility Earnings

Rob Church and Greg Hafer

Rural Distribution Territories: A Drag On Utility Earnings?



Bruce Radford


Camp Flowgate




Thomas L. Fisher


Betsy S. Vaninetti


Special Report

Michael T. Burr

Commerce Dept./NTIA Index to Critical Infrastructure Protection Resources

Off Peak

Off Peak

November 15, 2001

Markets Behaving Badly


To understand 'gaming,' be a gamer.

FERC Staff Member: What sort of behavior is wrong?