Fortnightly Magazine - November 2011

Treading Water

Despite market turmoil, state commissions refuse calls for an ROE boost.

(November 2011) Our annual survey of rate cases shows that despite volatility in financial markets, state regulators are holding utilities to a high standard for boosting their returns on equity (ROE). The latest data is added to's exclusive online ROE survey database, the largest free source of rate case information anywhere on the Web.

Bench Report: Top Ten Legal Decisions of 2011

1. ‘Policy’ Guides the Grid; 2. Carbon Not a Nuisance (Yet); 3. Gigabucks for Negawatts; 4. A MOPR, Not a NOPR; 5. Ramp Up the Frequency; 6. Cap-and-Trade Still Lives; 7. Cyber Insecurity; 8. Korridor Killer; 9. The Burden Not Shared; 10. Ozone Can Wait.