Fortnightly Magazine - November 2015

Before the Death Spiral, a Black Hole

How rooftop solar picks off the utility’s largest and most lucrative customers.

Let's make it clear also that affixing solar panels to your roof won't take you off-grid. Indeed it takes you to even greater dependence.

There and Back Again

Why a residential demand rate developed 40 years ago is increasingly relevant today.

Why not design a rate that allocates the higher system cost to customers based on their actual energy demand?

Market Manipulation: The Business Questions

Ten points to remember for compliance and employee training.

Without a clear definition of market manipulation, or a detailed description for prohibited conduct, market participants are often left with more questions than answers.

Electricity at War

Rumors tell of a cyber attack on the power grid.

Electricity in war today is akin to the railroads, dating from the Civil War: a high-value target. Every line of code is a land mine, waiting for hackers to detonate.