Fortnightly Magazine - May 2017

Cold Hard Truths

Who shall lay out those constraints, clearly, credibly?

What are the coldest hardest truths that a much more involved public must grasp?

Joining the Fortis Family

Leadership Lyceum Podcast: A Conversation with Paul Bonavia

Paul Bonavia is Retired Chairman and CEO of UNS Energy (Tucson Electric Power). The company was sold to Fortis in August 2014.


COLD@HOME is an initiative of The Energy Action Project (EnAct), an ongoing investigation of all types of energy poverty.

Cold at Home, a short documentary film, depicts how Katerina, her son Stephan and her granddaughter Maria cope with having been picked up by the perfect storm and dropped into an extreme situation. The ongoing war in Donetsk cost Stephan his job and forced them to live year-round in Katerina’s summer dacha near Kiev.

Dynamic Pricing Works in a Hot, Humid Climate

Evidence from Florida

We examine the impacts of dynamic pricing on conservation and load shifting in the hot and humid climate of Florida. We then compare the results to those from dynamic pricing experiments across the world. Our evaluation is based on the Energy Smart Florida pilot study, which was run by Florida Power and Light, the third-largest electric utility in the United States.

Electricity in Puerto Rico Key to Economic Crisis

Manufacturing Sector Strong But Challenged

Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority is currently unable to fulfill its payment obligations. The newly created Puerto Rico Energy Commission developed three key regulatory proceedings. These proceedings have been subjected to public scrutiny and have created a sense of hope for the restructuring of Puerto Rico’s electric system.