Fortnightly Magazine - June 2017

Aftermath: When war leaves a wake of energy poverty

Liberians cope from civil war fallout.

Throughout a spate of civil wars between 1989 and 2003, Liberia’s burgeoning electricity system was central to the power struggle. Its systematic destruction by rebel forces left a once-viable economic structure in shambles. Fifteen years later, Liberians still cope with the fallout.

Low-Cost Wind Brings New Opportunities

Moody's Investors Service: Midwest Utilities Replace Coal with Wind Power

Amid the uncertainty surrounding the new presidential administration's environmental policies, wind power prices in the Great Plains region are now averaging around $20 per megawatt-hour. According to a new report from Moody's Investors Service, many utilities are capitalizing on this cheap wind, using it to grow rate base or replace inefficient coal-fired assets.

Future of EE is Now

Data Creates New Opportunities

In prior articles, we focused on the important impact that the energy efficiency industry has had on the current North American energy economy. In this essay, we share our thoughts on the ways this segment will be challenged to drive innovation as it continues to mature. We also discuss the evolving role demand side management will play in the energy industry and the utility of the future.

Nuclear Closures

Where is the Public Interest?

Debates rage in state houses across the country about subsidizing the weakening nuclear power industry. Not for new nuclear plants, but rather subsidies to prevent the early retirement of existing nuclear power stations.

The Times, They are a-Changin'

A response to the May 2017 From the Editor by PUF Editor-in-Chief Steve Mitnick

A more active and informed citizenry, involved in plotting electricity's path forward, isn't a cold, hard truth. It's a good thing.

Energy Memories: Jackalyne Pfannenstiel

Pfannenstiel died April 26.

Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, the first woman to chair the California Energy Commission, and the first woman to be a corporate officer of Pacific Gas & Electric (VP, strategic initiatives), died on April 26.