Electrification in Action


AeroFarms and GP’s Customer Resource Center

PUF 2.0 - November 15, 2017

Efficient electrifying is much more than an initiative with growing support and momentum. Look around you. It's happening. Public Utilities Fortnightly looked around and here is what we saw.

When we stepped into the AeroFarms facility in Newark, New Jersey, it was like stepping onto the Starship Enterprise. Truly amazing. A super-high-tech farm, growing massive amounts of beautiful greens, all indoors in a strictly-controlled environment. Busily working were AeroFarms scientists and engineers testing and learning how to grow your salad so it's tastier, healthier, cheaper and better for the environment.

When we stepped into Georgia Power's Customer Resource Center, it was like joining the cast of the classic television series The Jetsons. The home of the future and the workplace of the future especially were right there for us to see, touch and try out. Only, all this electric-powered equipment is on the market today, and it typically has huge advantages over the equipment commonly in use that is fossil fuel-powered.