At EPRI Labs


With EPRI Scientists in Charlotte and Knoxville

PUF 2.0 - November 15, 2017

What is Efficient Electrification? I mean, what is the term supposed to signify, and what actions is it intended to spur? To answer these questions, I asked the pioneers of electrifying efficiently, what's up? I had eleven of EPRI's top scientists explain for me - in plain English - about Efficient Electrification's advantages, achievements and aspirations. 

It sure opened my eyes. The two E's promise to transform our economy and society. And the technologies are progressing at such a pace that we'll see the beneficial impacts as soon as the next few years. 

Ron Domitrovic told me about the next-gen heat pump and its potential to heat most of the nation's homes and workplaces in the near future. Frank Sharp told me about indoor agriculture and the benefits for, well, the planet. Baskar Vairamohan told me about electrifying industrial process heating and its huge upside. 

See what I what saw, talking with Ron, Frank, Baskar and the others. Excerpts of my conversations with these eleven pioneers follow.


Senior Program Manager Allen Dennis talks about the payback of efficient electrification through customer productivity.

Program Manager Ron Domitrovic explains why the next-generation heat pump can make electric heating and cooling much more efficient.

Director of Energy Utilization Mark Duvall explains how his group takes new end use technologies from the laboratory to demonstration as part of EPRI's efficient electrification R&D.

Director of Research and Development Bill Gould talks about the modeling and analysis efforts of EPRI's Efficient Electrification initiative.

Senior Vice President Arshad Mansoor talks about the potential of efficient electrification.

Senior Technical Executive Tom Reddoch talks about the efficiency of electrifying at the point of end use.

Senior Technical Executive Tom Reddoch & Principal Technical Leader Tom Geist discuss alternatives to using power at the U.S. standard of 60 Hz, and what it could mean for efficiency and electrification strategies.

Senior Technical Leader Morgan Scott discusses the tie between sustainability and efficient electrification.

Senior Technical Leader Frank Sharp discusses research to examine opportunities and benefits of indoor agriculture.

Senior Technical Leader Baskar Vairamohan explains how industrial customers can employ efficient electrification to improve efficiency and productivity.


Photo: EPRI