PUF 2.0 - February 15, 2018

Future is Now in North Carolina

We’re Innovating Relentlessly

Any technology that can reduce costs, and help the environment, is something our members and consumers are very interested in.

Consumer Advocates Look Forward

Consumer Perspectives on Electrification

It’s hard to talk about consumer advocates as a monolith, just like it’s hard to talk about consumers being of one mind, but we certainly see a commonality of issues.

EV Rate Research

Consumer Perspectives on Electrification

EPRI recently reviewed and assessed publicly-available EV rates, to inform utilities and stakeholders in the establishing and modifying rate designs.

The Tennessee Valley Customer

Consumer Perspectives on Electrification

As a non-profit, we found that the best way that we can create change is actually to work with preferred partner network members.

The Electrified Future is Shared

Mobility Services and Electrification's Pace, Shape

A shift to mobility services creates the possibility that transport itself will become electrified a lot faster than the vehicle stock itself.

Electrifying Successfully

Customer Intelligence Analytics

Electrified technologies can utilize excess grid capacity, improve a utility’s load factor and reduce distribution charges, while supporting decarbonization goals.

How Far Have We Come, Electrifying?

TVA’s History is Electrification

Only three farms in a hundred had electricity. Unchecked fires burned ten percent of the region’s woodlands every year, and poor logging practices had nearly denuded forests that once offered endless miles of virgin timber.

PUF Quant Services

Monthly Summary Report: Feb. 2018

We track quantitatively the monthly trends in the value of electricity, the grid's carbon footprint, and the grid's integration of distributed and intermittent generation.