PUF 2.0 - February 15, 2018

Electrification's Sonnet

Electrification 2018.

Driving the future, this year.

All the progress we have seen.

Must mean the vision is near.


Electrification 2018.

Heating, indoor ag, industry, mobility.

Moving to energy that is constant, cheap, clean.

Increasingly, the answer's electricity.


In 2018, Electrification.

It'll take us all to get there. 

To stir the imagination.

To reach the vision we can share.


So, join me this August at Long Beach.

And hear, see innovation unleashed.

Electrification's Rap

Ben Franklin flew a kite and a key. Took light from the sky

Don't you see. That was the start, that was the spark

Mike Faraday made his mark. Made a motor and more

Then JC Maxwell laid down his laws. Between magnetic and electric, which was the cause?


Tommy Edison brought the medicine, shined the light, turned night bright

Had a big fight, wrestled Nick Tesla, it was a sorry sight. DC, AC, me, me, they couldn't agree

Big George Westinghouse pronounced, then he announced

A winner in Chi-town. DC going down. AC takes the crown.