Fortnightly Magazine - May 2018

Are You Missing This Key Chief Officer?

Meeting New Challenges

The growing consensus among power and utility executives is that digital technologies and "digitization" are becoming a strategic and risk mitigation imperative. Faced with rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes, many leaders are rethinking how they can tackle new issues in new ways.

QF Purchase Obligation

Energy Bar Association’s Energy Law Series

Making Clear Distinctions: Part of the problem is incorrectly using “waiver” and “termination” interchangeably.

Mason Willrich's Modernizing America's Electricity Infrastructure

Book Review

Just about everyone agrees that the nation's electricity infrastructure needs to be modernized. But where should one begin? How long will the process take? How much should be spent on modernization? What portion of the modernization budget should go to generation, transmission, and distribution? What specific technologies should be developed?

These are difficult questions that have no easy answers. A new book by Mason Willrich takes these questions head-on and provides some good answers.