Fortnightly Magazine - June 15 2018

Experts Show Us Their Crystal Balls on Power's Future

On the Future of Power

Navigant’s Karin Corfee, Rob Wilhite, Debbie Brannan, Ted Walker, Todd Williams, Konstantin Staschus, Dan Bradley, Shannon Graham, David O’Brien, Jan-Willem Bode, Mackinnon Lawrence, and Jan Vrins, with PUF’s Steve Mitnick

Our Confidential Panel of Sixteen Senior Leaders on Electric Trends

Frank Feelings About the Future, Fully Off-the-Record

For the third year in a row, we talked with sixteen thought leaders from utilities (investor-owned and not), energy service companies, the regulatory and consumer advocacy communities, and trade associations. It was a distinguished group of senior executives representing many facets of the industry. We looked to different regions of the United States to make sure our coverage was representative and balanced.

How Public Power Communities are Shaping Their Future

Personalizing Customers’ Energy Services

Where will the electric utility industry be in three to five years? From a federal policy perspective, it is hard to predict. Anyone who watches the news knows that it is a very volatile and unsettled environment in Washington right now. The midterm elections later this year add more uncertainty.