Fortnightly Magazine - November 1 2019

Cybersecurity: Brian Harrell

Prepare, Protect, Respond

“When utilities are struggling with a malware issue, cybersecurity vulnerabilities, physical security events, emergency management, and response and recovery issues, we are there in their time of need.”

Cybersecurity: Bruce Walker

Prepare, Protect, Respond

“Approach the sector as if it has already been compromised and recognize that the system was designed before computers were available.”

Cybersecurity: Tom Fanning

Prepare, Protect, Respond

“There is a fast approaching environment where it won’t be humans to machines but rather machines to machine. Now your millions of times a day could be trillions.”

Cybersecurity: Bill Spence

Prepare, Protect, Respond

“EEI members have stood up a host of programs, such as the spare transformer, critical equipment sharing, cyber mutual assistance, and cyber risk information sharing programs we developed in cooperation with DOE and NERC.”

Cybersecurity: Gladys Dutrieuille

Prepare, Protect, Respond

“Recently, NARUC published a Cybersecurity Manual, which is a tool kit to provide information to state Commissions as they’re looking to work with their utilities.”

Cyber-Securing the Supply Chain

Fortress founders look back and forward

Conversations with Fortress Information Security founders Peter Kassabov and Alex Santos, and with team members.