Fortnightly Magazine - December 2019

How FERC's Peers Estimate Equity Costs

A Deep Dive

While FERC is wise to consider how its sister federal agencies estimate the cost of equity, a review of those agencies’ estimation methods spotlights fatal flaws in FERC’s proposed new approach.

Following the Innovators

Extended Market Presence

Utilities need to find unconventional ways to take advantage of market innovation without over-taxing or under-utilizing internal resources and capabilities.

Net Neutrality is Back Once Again

Questions Remain

The result of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’s decision is a whole lot of uncertainty. If you are an electric utility, you don’t know for sure who will be allowed to attach their lines (or antennas) to your poles. If you are a state legislator or regulator, you don’t know if any laws or regulations you adopt will be upheld.

Typhoons and Resilience in Japan

Challenges to the Grid Here

A large percentage of utility poles in Japan are either made of concrete or are underground, not only to withstand typhoons, but of course earthquakes.