Fortnightly Magazine - February 1 2020

Hawaii PUC: Jay Griffin


“Early in my term, I was at a backyard barbecue with a friend and he pulled out his electricity bill in front of the whole crowd and asked me to explain all the line items.”

Hawaii PUC: Leo Asuncion


“The focus for us right now is cost containment of the companies. Are the costs justifiable to us that eventually the ratepayer needs to pay in base rates?”

Hawaii PUC: Jennifer Potter


“Our journey of PBR was solidified by legislation that did mandate that we investigate a way to break the link between capital investment and revenue for the utility.”

Hawaii PUC: Caroline Ishida

Chief Counsel

“The state Supreme Court has looked at some novel issues raised by some of the parties related to environmental considerations like greenhouse gases.”

Hawaii PUC: Dave Parsons

Chief for Policy and Research

“We don’t testify, generally. Our Staff is advisory, so we’re an extension of the Commissioners. Our job is to investigate the issues before the Commission and advise them.”

Hawaii PUC: Gina Yi

Interim Chief Engineer

“I review applications from such utilities as Hawaiian Electric, reviewing its application for major projects, which includes electric diagrams.”