Fortnightly Magazine - March 2020

Ensuring Future Capital Access

Utilities Prepare for ESG Financial Challenges

The financial community as a group has not yet moved toward aggressive adoption of socially responsible investing. The utilities sector will need to be creative in future capital sourcing given its massive future capital needs for deployment to clean technologies, grid and network modernization, and digitalization.

EV, AI, DSM, DER, etc.

Tech Buzzword Trajectories

Conversation with Scott Neuman and Paul McDonald, group vp and senior director for industry strategy, Oracle Utilities Opower.

Coronavirus Challenge

A Special Report

For this special feature on utilities and utility regulators meeting the challenge of the coronavirus crisis, Public Utilities Fortnightly went to two of the top experts on the grid's resilience. We like to call Scott Aaronson the most important individual in America, only half in jest. Scott leads the teams at the Edison Electric Institute focused on cyber and physical security and storm response and recovery and is the EEI's point man in this current crisis.

Diversity: Paula Glover

Utilities Workforce and Spend

“For our Association, and with my team, I’ve been sharing with them that it’s important for us to be more creative than we normally would be in in this pandemic. Let’s think way outside the box.”