Veteran Leaders on Electric Trends



Fortnightly Magazine - June 15 2020

Most of the panel interviews appearing in Public Utilities Fortnightly involve persons with similar professional positions, for example: CEOs and Commissioners. For this panel, we selected persons experienced in various aspects of the energy industry; persons with disparate positions and professional interests.

We have two association executives, Paula Glover and Miles Keogh; two policymakers, Pat Wood and Jeff Morris; and a leader at a DOE National Laboratory, Ron Melton. All have long histories in the energy sector and national perspectives.

Our objectives in developing this panel were two-fold: In response to broad, probing questions, to elicit potentially competing perspectives on what the future of the electric industry may be, and For those responses to stimulate readers to develop their own perspectives and initiate similar discussions within their own organizations.

We will not know what the "right" answer to any of the questions will be for several years, but without stimulating thoughtful discussions, this publication is failing in its responsibilities to be a thought leader by bringing alternative ideas to your attention.

  • Paula Glover, CEO, American Association of Blacks in Energy
  • Pat Wood, Former chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • Miles Keogh, Executive director, National Association of Clean Air Agencies (and former director of the NARUC Research Lab)
  • Ron Melton, of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Jeff Morris, of Schneider Electric (former Washington State Representative)

Lead image © Can Stock Photo / Elnur