NYPA Launches Green Hydrogen



Fortnightly Magazine - December 2021
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First-of-a-kind projects are a big deal. It got PUF's attention when the New York Power Authority announced one such project, the Green Hydrogen Demonstration Project at its Brentwood Power Station on Long Island. It's a collaborative, bringing together the energy and utilities industries' great minds to find another way to decarbonize.

The Electric Power Research Institute is on the project, to launch the first commercial natural-gas-fired power plant in the U.S. to demonstrate the technical feasibility of green hydrogen blending. EPRI plans to take the learnings and use it for broader research. Also in on the action are GE Power, Airgas, Sargent & Lundy, and Fresh Meadows.

PUF sat down to talk with New York Power Authority's Justin Driscoll, Electric Power Research Institute's Neva Espinoza, General Electric's Jeff Goldmeer, and Air Liquide's Dave Edwards to dig into how this green hydrogen works. According to NYPA Interim CEO, Justin Driscoll, "It's rewarding to see that our work locally can have national implications and potentially global implications."

Green Hydrogen Conversations: