Fortnightly Magazine - January 2022

What's in Store?

2022 Has Got to be Better Than 2021

We’re simultaneously decarbonizing, digitizing, electrifying, diversifying who we are, and doubling down on the resilience of what we do.

Fanning at EEI Financial

Southern Company

The CEO of Southern Company, Tom Fanning, covered decarbonization, cybersecurity, nuclear, resilience, innovation, hydrogen, and most everything in-between in our wide-ranging interview at the EEI Financial Conference.

2022, What's in Store?

Oncor Electric Delivery

The COO of Oncor Electric Delivery, Jim Greer, told us how he and his team see this new year unfolding and what they intend to accomplish, with Guidehouse’s Michelle Fay sharing the questioning with PUF’s Steve Mitnick.