Fortnightly Magazine - May 2022

Florida PSC: Commissioner Art Graham

State Commissions

“My number one issue has always been customer service, and it doesn’t matter if it’s gas, electric, water, or wastewater. You give a utility monopoly, so customers have no choice, and they need to be protected.”

Florida PSC: Commissioner Gary Clark

State Commissions

“The new expectation is we’re not going to have an outage that lasts longer than 24 hours. That is the challenge and we’re blending that with new customer expectations when it comes to renewable energy.”

Florida PSC: Commissioner Mike LaRosa

State Commissions

“We are very independent, maybe more independent than we get credit for. I don’t think we’re political at all. We all bring different expertise and have a similar mindset of serving the State.”

From Net Zero to Hero

NorthWestern Energy

“There is a role for natural gas. We are comfortable in our net-zero plan saying we won’t require new gas generation after 2035. We expect gas generation will be used less and less, primarily for peak. But we have severe, extended peaks in our region.”

Five Smartest Blocks in the World


“Avista’s team of engineers, McKinstry, and our smart people got together and designed these buildings from the ground up with innovative systems. Instead of operating in silos, the buildings were designed to interact. They basically talk to each other and the energy grid.”