Fortnightly Magazine - May 2022

Cybersecurity in a Turbulent World


Keystone Policy Center and Dentons hosted conversations with Electricity Canada CEO Francis Bradley, Anterix CEO Rob Schwartz, CPS Energy general counsel and board secretary Shanna Ramirez, Dentons’ Allison Bender.

Optimal Transmission Planning

Financial Research Institute

U of Missouri’s Financial Research Institute held a two-part webinar on Optimal Transmission Planning and Development for 2022 and Beyond.

RTO Footprints

Optimal Transmission Planning

“DOE is looking at a larger objective, which is how we can more effectively serve the entire Eastern Interconnection. That is a different starting place for planning, and likely will produce different transmission planning projects. EIPC is a good clearinghouse for that.”

Emerging Policy Issues

Optimal Transmission Planning

“Transmission projects and especially groups of projects yield multiple value streams, but there is a tendency to group in traditional buckets of economic benefits, reliability benefits, and policy-driven benefits. What does it take to build our grid of the future?”

Ridding Grid of Risk with DCAT


“The DCAT tool gives a better way of looking at extreme events, so designers and system operators can plan systems that’ll be more robust against a tougher set of threats.”

Integration of Grid-Edge Technologies

Duquesne Light

“The Association of Edison Illuminating Companies’ Distributed Energy Resource Subcommittee is a collective industry organization of utility-only members discussing the integration of grid-edge technologies.”