Fortnightly Magazine - June 20, 2022

Making Less Vulnerable the Minerals Critical to Power's Future

EV Batteries and More

“The secret that not everyone knows is, for many of these critical minerals, the U.S. has them here domestically. They can be found in different sources across the country. But can they be recovered in a way that’s environmentally friendly and can compete on cost?“

Lightning Round on Power's Future


Fourteen Guidehouse experts hit their buzzers and answer our questions: Hector Artze, Dan Bradley, Michelle Fay, Lisa Frantzis, Nicole Reed Fry, Ben Grunfeld, Derek Jones, Robyn Link, Chris Luras, Macky McCleary, David O’Brien, Molly Podolefsky, Danielle Vitoff, and Ted Walker.

Idaho National Lab Director Inventing the Future


“When we look at deep decarbonization, it’s going to take at least a couple decades. We have to be careful that the decisions we’re making for short-term gains aren’t making it more difficult for us in the future.”

PUF Annual Pulse of Power Survey


“Resilience is increasingly top of mind – despite the growing frequency and severity of extreme weather events and fires – but it is cybersecurity, rather than physical security and grid hardening, where utility industry participants see the greatest risk currently.”