Fortnightly Magazine - July 2022

Distributech: Jim Thomson


“At the end of the day, companies are going to have to reliably be able to say, this is the situation from a full ESG standpoint in terms of the supply chains being utilized.”

Hawaii's Chair Completing His Term

Hawaii PUC

“We still are the most oil-dependent state in the nation and the most oil-dependent electricity systems. Our cost of energy remains extremely high. The sweet spot for these new technologies is it’s easier for them to be cost competitive here.”

Talking Renewable Natural Gas

MDU Resources

“In Washington and Oregon, there is a larger push for decarbonization of our gas stream. We’re looking at purchasing RNG and providing both to all customers, and also providing that as a separate program for people who are interested in taking RNG at a slightly higher price.”

Unique Battery Energy Storage Project

Association of Edison Illuminating Companies

Innovative Approach to System Reliability: “On the weather-prone outer Cape Cod region of Massachusetts, Eversource developed an innovative solution to deploy a microgrid on a 13-mile circuit with a battery as the sole source of supply. Eversource is a member company of the Association of Edison Illuminating Companies.”