Fortnightly Magazine - July 2022

Total Cost of EV Ownership

FTI Consulting

“The core challenge for our society and country is to develop charging infrastructure. This one we need to solve first and then talk about more sophisticated challenges.”

Distributech: Anthony Allard

Hitachi Energy

“What we see are two big trends. Number one is electrification of the economy to meet sustainability targets. We believe electricity will become the backbone of the energy system. The second one is electricity needs to come from carbon-free generation.”

Distributech: Alexis Grenon

Schneider Electric

“Because of electrification and digitization, we see the management of digital distributed energy resources is everywhere. That’s something we’re seeing more and more in the U.S. We’re seeing that in Australia, and we’re starting to see that in Europe. That’s the buzz on the floor.”

Distributech: Dave Whitehead

Dave Whitehead is the CEO of SEL.

“Maybe we need to change distribution system to some other name because distribution used to be, I have a substation and the power flow is going to flow one way. But there are bidirectional power flows when the sun is rising or setting, or the wind is blowing.”

Distributech: Alan Gooding

Smarter Grid Solutions

“What we’re starting with is a form of automation and to be able to interact with the DER. That’s our bedrock. With that platform capability, what those algorithms are doing can be for capacity management or for more classical microgrid-type applications.”

Distributech: Andy Bennett


“I don’t think this move to a more decarbonized grid happens unless we do it at the edge of the grid. That’s my first belief. Tightly coupled to that is the understanding that it’s one thing for us all to have solar or electric cars. But if you can’t manage those assets in a coordinated way, it’s kind of useless.”