Fortnightly Magazine - August 2022

Presiding Over MACRUC


“Leadership is going the extra mile, taking the time to understand concerns and what’s important to another state.”

POV on Cloud Computing for Utilities


Cloud computing has tremendous value propositions in driving safe, clean, and affordable utility services and infrastructure, which are the very premises the regulatory bodies want to ascertain. Utilities lag significantly behind other industries in adopting cloud computing, primarily because of the disincentives imposed by traditional regulatory accounting. This article discusses the urgency for utilities and regulators to accelerate their journey to the cloud and the steps to be taken to embark on that journey.

M&A in Uncertain Times


“We’re targeting carbon reduction and that could incent deals. The other side of that is, it seems the bar continues to get raised in how deals will be evaluated and the scrutiny they’ll be under given ESG goals.”