Fortnightly Magazine - September 2022

Grid Transformation: NERC's CEO Concerned


“We’ve been seeing the risk to the system and the risk of the system not being able to perform increasing. We started to see that in 2018. Then every year since, we’ve seen in our assessments, more areas experiencing these risks and the pace increasing.”

MISO Moves on Upper Midwest Transmission


“MISO recently approved what they call their LRTP, Long Range Transmission Plan Tranche One – 18 projects spread out from North Dakota to Michigan, including Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.”

How Fleet Electrification Impacts T&D and Substations

Oncor, POWER Engineers

“We’re hardening the grid for storms and fires, building infrastructure to connect renewables, and replacing aging infrastructure. These large EV loads aren’t being factored into these projects and will add to the demands on engineering and construction resources.”

New Nuclear is Real

Carbon-free power

“The most important element that aligns for a hopeful future for nuclear is a recognition of noncarbon-generation benefits it provides that we don’t receive from other forms of generation. Half of the power in the U.S. that is carbon-free is produced by nuclear power.”

An Adequate Level of Resilience

West Monroe

Resiliency is on the table whether we call it out or not. It should spark the same questions we throw at reliability when addressing cost of service and prudent investments.

Future of Copper

S&P Global

S&P Global webinar excerpted, with remarks by S&P Global’s vice chair and acclaimed author, Dan Yergin, with Mohsen Bonakdarpour, Olivier Beaufils, John Mothersole, Keerti Rajan.